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Committee in the Field of Tourism, Resort, Recreation, Restaurant and Hotel Activities

Head of the Committee: Valentyna Mykolaivna Lymarenko – Head of the Local History and Tourism Department of Donetsk Region Culture Training and Methodological Center (Kramatorsk)

Secretariate: Mob.: +38 (050) 347-85-73; E-mail: oleg.bedzay@donetskcci.com

The Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry Entrepreneurship Committee in the Field of Tourism, Resort, Recreation, Restaurant and Hotel Activities (hereinafter referred to as the Committee) is a permanent consultative and advisory body formed from among entrepreneurs of tourism, restaurant and hotel business, representatives of resort and recreation entrepreneurship associations, representatives of state authorities and local self-government of Donetsk region, as well as scientific, public and business groups of Donetsk region. The Committee displays the particular interests of the Donetsk CCI members and cooperates with organizations that bring together entrepreneurs in the tourism industry. The Committee promotes development of the tourism industry, attracts better foreign experience, advanced technologies, and raises the quality of the staff. The Committee is a mediator in the dialogue between business and government, it lobbies the necessary range of issues in order to improve general legal and regulatory policy and to remove obstacles to the business conduct. It processes proposals based on the real needs of the business to submit them for consideration to relevant government bodies in order for them to make appropriate decisions.

The Committee objectives are the following:

  • Providing assistance to enterprises and entrepreneurs engaged in the tourism industry, primarily to the Donetsk CCI members; representation and protection of their interests on the issues related to implementation of economic activities in Ukraine and abroad.

  • Formation of the main domestic and regional tourism development directions.

  • The market monitoring to identify professional participants in the tourism services market; determination of the industry’s prospects, as well as problems and mechanisms of their solution; formulization of the industry development programs, including with the involvement of the Donetsk CCI marketing professionals and other experts.

  • Development of the relationship rules in the regional tourism market, promotion of these rules in the mass media, on the Donetsk CCI website, and during business meetings of different level.

  • Formation of a civilized regional and interregional market of tourism, sanatorium-resort and recreation services, high-quality development of the market; creation of conditions for combining tourism resources in order to carry out large projects in the field of tourism, resort and recreational and hotel activities.

The Committee functions are the following:

  • Establishment of contacts and business cooperation organization with international and national unions, associations, associations of entrepreneurs and inpidual travel companies of domestic and foreign countries.

  • Assistance to Ukrainian enterprises and entrepreneurs in obtaining reference assistance and advice on foreign economic cooperation.

  • Formulation of proposals for organizing and participating in the work of trade shows, conferences, seminars, symposia and other events in the areas of the Committee activities both in Ukraine and abroad.

  • Information supply of the regional travel services market, creation of the industry’s positive image including both at large international and interregional exhibitions, in the mass media and in consumer’s minds of tourism services.

  • Popularization of positive experience in the field of tourism, resort and recreational and hotel activities, as well as facilitation of its implementation in the work of regional travel enterprises.

Meetings of the Committee are held no less than once a quarter.