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SMEs Development Center of Donetsk CCI

Director - Vice-President of Donetsk CCI Maksym Anufriyev.

SMEs Development Center of Donetsk CCI is a leader in providing of high-quality services for small and medium-sized businesses in the Donetsk region. It helps the private sector business to grow and supports the leading position of Donetsk CCI in the market of services for business entities.

The main strategic objectives of the Center are: help for SMEs to realize their potential; implementation of informational, consulting and methodical support; assistance in the formation of an effective infrastructure for supporting and informing SMEs on the conditions and procedures for providing state support; representation of SMEs interests in matters of conducting entrepreneurial activity before state authorities, local self-government, institutions and agencies regulating this activity; popularization of entrepreneurial ideas among the population.

The main purpose of the activity is to promote the development of entrepreneurship in the Donetsk region, the formation of modern business associations and the comprehensive development of appropriate forms of activity, employment and development of self-employment of the population; participation in the implementation of state programs in regional business development programs; interaction with state authorities and local self-government bodies on business development; carrying out of measures aimed at attracting the population to engaging in entrepreneurial activity and increasing the number of subjects of small and medium entrepreneurship; assistance in increasing the quantity and improvement of the quality of services rendered by SMEs to the organizations of enterprise support infrastructure.

The main services are aimed at lobbying the interests of entrepreneurship, in particular, the possibility of organizing a direct dialogue between entrepreneurship and government through the participation of business entities in various types of large-scale representative activities: organization of conferences; lobbying interests through participation in the work of the specialized committees of the CCI; organization of round tables and various public hearings.

Participating in the activities of the leaders of enterprises / organizations gives an opportunity to meet with representatives of authorities at all levels to discuss relevant issues facing the industry, an open exchange of views and the development of appropriate proposals, including appeals for the initiation of the corresponding legislative changes: in such agreed solutions, both enterprises and public authorities and local self-government bodies are interested.