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Festival of cluster initiatives in Kramatorsk

On November 6, the Festival of cluster initiatives ClusterFest'2018 was held, which aimed to activate the cluster initiative in Donetsk region: the development of existing cluster associations and attract new enterprises, the formation of new clusters.
Participants of ClusterFest'2018 were welcomed by Vice-President of Donetsk CCI Maksim Anufriev, acting Director of the Department of Economics of Donetsk regional state administration Galina Churikova, Head of the German-Ukrainian partnership project of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry KVP Ukraine, (Germany) Volker Stoetzner, coordinator of recovery and peace building Program, UNDP Ukraine, in direction of "Economic recovery and restoration of critical infrastructure," Volodimir Lyashenko.

Everyone noted the importance of the development of cluster initiatives for the economic development of the Donetsk region and wished the participants fruitful work and new business contacts.

During the thematic discussion "Opportunities for cooperation and joint conquest of the market" the representative of the cluster Association "SmartTec Thüringen" Thomas Heinick spoke about the algorithm of cluster development from the regional network to intersectoral cooperation.
Development experience from individual companies in Eastern Germany to work in a network shared by a Director of the company "Lederatelier Apolda" (Germany) Ingo Troy.

Dean of the Kiev business school, head of the Board of Ukrainian Agency for cluster development "CLUSTER-UA" Mikhailo Krikunov spoke about the need for trust to build a cluster.

The coordinator of the project "Tourism clusters 300 +" Yulia Alekseeva told about the possibility of tourism as an effective driver of the regional economy.
Project Manager of Agrifoodcluster (Kharkiv) Catherine Leptsova shared the experience of effective work in the cluster.

Galina Perepelitsa, project Manager of the Albanian export center "AlbExport", has shared the experience of Balkan countries in the development of cluster initiatives.

Brief speeches of representatives of cluster associations of Donetsk region were held during the thematic discussion "Cluster as a source of trust and innovative cooperation. Best practices"

The representative of the cluster of food processing PE Olena Brukhovec has shared experience in the creation of the procurement group with the objective of improving the efficiency of doing business.

The head of the Committee on entrepreneurship in the field of tourism, resort and recreational restaurant and hotel activities of the Donetsk CCI Valentina Limarenko told about the plans for the development of the tourism industry and the creation of a tourism cluster of Donetsk region.

The History of the textile cluster Donbass Fashion Cluster was told by the Head of the NGO "Donbass Fashion Cluster" Hanna Petrichenko.

Nina Radchenko ("Garden center "Alexander" LLC) told about plans of creating a cluster of landscape design and crop production.

Head of the "Cluster "Ceramic Region" Andrey Mishchenko spoke about the benefits of clusters for entrepreneurs.

Oksana Dolynska (PCF "TEKHMA» LLC) told about the initiative of creation of industrial cluster.
Volodimir Scherbinin ("IT2.0" LLC) and Mikita Eremin ("AlterEgo") spoke about the popularization of IT and the prospects for the creation of IT-cluster in the Donetsk region.

In a discussion within the platform "Opportunities for cross-clustering opportunities and synergies for new forms of cooperation" took part: Thomas Heinick (cluster Association "SmartTec Thüringen (Germany); Catherine Nemynushcha (head of Department in Kramatorsk Eastern Regional Directorate of JS CB PrivatBank); Vyacheslav Lyashenko (head of Department of problems of regulatory policy and entrepreneurship development Institute of industrial Economics of NAS of Ukraine); Andrey Mishchenko (Head of "Cluster "Ceramic Region" ); Hanna Petrichenko (Head of the NGO "Donbass Fashion Cluster").

They discussed the problems of financing business activities, the possibility of bank lending. They talked about the advantages of business associations in lobbying their interests. Guests shared their problems, discussed their solutions and noted the importance of good cluster management.
The festival ended with a workshop, which was held in the format of World cafe "Operation cluster: Level Up", where practical cases were presented to help target groups of business associations to prescribe the mechanism of formalization of the cluster.
The event organized by the Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry with the support of the German-Ukrainian partnership project of Chambers of Commerce and Industry "KVP Ukraine", UNDP recovery and peace building Program, the Government of the Republic of Poland, with the assistance of the German Government within the project "Support of the framework conditions for trade", which is executed by the German Federal company Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.