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Kramatorsk hosted the first Festival of creative initiatives in Donetsk region

In Kramatorsk on November 7, within the Days of cluster and creative initiatives, the first festival of creative initiatives "Creative4Business'2018" was held in Donbass.

Vice-President of Donetsk CCI Maxim Anufriev greet the participants and wished successful work on the Festival of creative initiatives Creative4Business.
Consul General of the Federal Republic of Germany in Donetsk (office of the Dnipro), the honorable Dr. Wolfgang Mossinger, welcoming the participants of the festival, said: "I am confident that through creative initiatives we can create new industries and new work places, to give a perspective to young people to stay here. It seems to me that this festival brings Ukraine closer to European standards."
The Manager of the German-Ukrainian partner project of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry "KVP Ukraine" (Germany) Volker Stoetzner said: "We are very happy we see the progress and enthusiasm in the Donetsk region in the development of creative and cluster initiatives."

The laboratory of mind "Creativity for business: myth, utopia or must have" was moderated by the representative Agency of creative industries Gwara Media (Kharkov, Ukraine), curator of the youth organization of Kharkiv Global Shapers Hub at World Economic Forum Sergey Prokopenko.
"No economy has a future without a creative economy at all", – said Christian Rost, head of the Saxon centre for culture and creative economy (Germany) in his presentation "Creative and cultural economy: a success story in Germany".
The battle of the experts "The Development of creative initiatives in the Donetsk region" was attended by head of the Department of family and youth of Donetsk regional state administration Lilia Zolkina, head of information project "Business-East" Maria Davydenko, chief designer of Fuhrlaender Windtechnology LLC Artem Philippskih, head of the NGO "Club of Kramatorsk entrepreneurs" Svetlana Chepeleva.

Experts talked about the entrepreneurs of Donbass, whose activities are related to creativity; the creation of youth infrastructure and centers (hubs), where young people are taught entrepreneurship; about creative initiatives in the Ukrainian wind energy.

Laboratory cases "Business with a "highlight". Best practices" was moderated by business coach, marketing and business development consultant, head and founder of the Association of consultants for business Svetlana Nasyrova. Speakers-participants presented cases "Could one – we’ll teach everyone".
Their experience in the field of hand-made shared the master-designer clothes and shoes from felted wool Alla Ziganzhirova and the owner of the workshop "Pani" and shop "Trinkets from miss Veronichka" Veronica Romankova.

Wondering about activities of networking said Sergey Gakov (GeekBunker – Kramatorsk creative space), Nikolay Dorokhov (VILnaHAta), Hanna Kalita (TOP PLACE – Coworking&Event space).

About creativity in the sphere of HoReCa (hotel-restaurant business) said: the owner of a specialized store selling equipment for coffee and coffee with a tasting room "The coffee House", fundraiser "CF Caritas Kramatorsk", member of NGO "Association of women "Pani"," Alina Neustadt House-Coffee-Kramatorsk; manager of the Art-cafe "Fiesta" Ludmila Sakhno; private entrepreneur, founder of restaurant "Polet" Alexander Kulik.

All entrepreneurs noted that today it is necessary to have a difference or "highlight", which makes the business special and interesting for customers. In addition, they noted the importance for successful business of a cohesive and professional team motivated for success.

"The secret of success is in the "engine", which is inside each of us, " said Alexander Kulik.

The final part of the Festival Creative4Business was the most practical and interesting for business representatives. In order to help entrepreneurs to identify and realize the benefits of a creative approach to business development, expert consultants conducted workshops "Dream! Work! Grow!"

Head of the Saxon center for culture and creative economy (Germany) Christian Rost held a workshop "New business models and services: easy and fast (based on CANVAS business model)".

Business coach, marketing and business development consultant, head and founder of the Association of business consultants Svetlana Nasyrova taught entrepreneurs marketing tools at the workshop "Creative marketing strategies: how to use them in small and medium businesses."

Creating a brand: step by step taught by the Director of International Institute of Entrepreneurship of Donetsk CCI, business coach Lyudmila Stepanenko.

Through participation in the Festival Creative4Business'2018, entrepreneurs learned how to solve problems with the help of creativity and leave competitors behind; create "highlights" that help to distinguish a product or service from others and allow moving forward confidently and reaching new horizons.
We are grateful to KVP Ukraine, GIZ Ukraine, UNDP Ukraine for assistance in organizing the Days of cluster and creative initiatives, and we wish to entrepreneurs to implement creative initiatives for the benefit of the business and to find new ideas for development!