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Anti-conference Export Talks: advantages and disadvantages of export

"Our goal is to motivate you to develop, to open the world for your business and to motivate you to be successful", – the Vice-President of Donetsk CCI Maxim Anufriev greet participants of the anti-conference "Export Talks", which took place in Kramatorsk on November 21.
The event was organized by Kramatorsk Business Support Center, based on the Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with EBRD as part of the EU4Business initiative.

Participants of the event were representatives of SMEs: owners, top managers, export managers, foreign economic avtivity specialists of enterprises that already export or only plan to enter foreign markets.

The Navigator of the project "Export strategy of Ukraine", Advisor to the first Deputy Prime Minister Of Ukraine – Minister of economic development and trade S. I. Kubiv – Olesya Zaluska moderated the section "Export strategy", during which she familiarized the audience with the practice of using the tools of the Export strategy of Ukraine. Within the same section, experienced experts talked about the export strategy of Ukraine and the promotion of Ukrainian goods to foreign markets.
"More than 100 million dollars made exports from the Donetsk region in the European Union from January to may 2018", – said the head of the project "Support to the framework conditions for business in Ukraine" of the German society for international cooperation (GIZ) GmbH Benjamin Klinger, talking about the challenges and opportunities for Ukrainian enterprises in the sphere of trade with the EU.
Project Manager of the Donetsk CCI and the Albanian export center "AlbExport" Galina Perepelitsa informed the participants of the event about the support of export activities of entrepreneurs provided by the Donetsk CCI.

Tatiana Denisova, analyst of the SME financing and development group, told that the program of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is aimed at helping small and medium businesses.

Volodimir Volkov, consultant for export to China told about the Shanghai stock exchange and the algorithm of direct access to the Chinese market.

The second section of the anti-conference was devoted to the stories of success and experience in the export of Ukrainian producers. The advantages and disadvantages of export activities were discussed. Ukrainian producers shared their success stories and failures on the way to export.

Successful entrepreneurs told the reason they deliberately refused to export.

"Our company started with a dream to eat high-quality and delicious food. So we decided to produce organic products that are better to sell in Ukraine", - noted private entrepreneur Natalia Titomir (trademark "Biopole"), telling the story of her business.

Ian Gatickii, ("Svyatogorska koza") shared the experience of creating a farm, goat breeding, production of cheese.
Other entrepreneurs spoke in favor of export.

So, the representative of Fuhrlaender Windtechnology LLC, the first and the only company in Ukraine on the production, installation and maintenance of wind turbines multi-megawatt class, Denis Stupakov told the story of successful export of the enterprise.

Artem Lukyanov ("Ukrainian designs" LLC, manufacturer of suspended chairs) shared his experience of export to Belarus.

"In the depths of every business is a dream. 20 years ago, we had two girlfriends and $400. Today we employed 90 people already; there are a factory and shops in Kiev and Vilnius. We export to 5 countries and produce 6 collections per year. Export is incredibly exciting and cool", – Tatiana Abramova ("Rito" LLC) told her story of successful export.

Olena Listrova ("Donbas Ceramic Bodies" LLC) has shared the successful experience of export to Poland, Bulgaria and Estonia.

At the end of the session, the speakers gave answers to questions from the audience.

The final third section of the anti-conference "Export Talks" was devoted to the discussion of useful life hacks for novice exporters in the framework of the round table on interests in the format of "World Cafe".
Artem Butko, Director of the Kramatorsk branch of "Alfa-Bank", spoke about the resources for financing SMEs in export.

Senior assistant of the "Cutis" project Natalie Pavlyuk and consultant for export to China Volodimir Volkov spoke about business tourism: business missions, exhibitions, business culture.

The report of the representative of "Largus Ukraine" LLC Elena Rubleva was devoted to logistics and export; she spoke about the methods of optimization in logistics.

Deputy chief of the Donetsk customs SFS Sergei Fedorov, Director of Department of foreign economic activity of Donetsk CCI Valery Perepelitsa and leading expert of the Export Center of Donetsk CCI Tamila Dmitrichenko told about the customs formalities that must be followed in the implementation of export activities.

The first anti-conference “Export Talks” in Donetsk region demonstrated the interest of our entrepreneurs in export.

We are grateful to the speakers for the informative and useful reports, we wish entrepreneurs successful export activities!