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Donetsk women were taught leadership in the professional sphere

"Management is efficiency in climbing the ladder of success; leadership determines whether the ladder is leaning against the right wall."... Coaches from Belarus Nataliia Makaieva and Anna Ahashkova began two-module training "Leadership in action" with such a quote of Stephen Covey.
The training course is based on the best international practices and in-depth expertise. The course is interactive and includes practical exercises and real-life examples, where the techniques and styles of leadership are used.
The materials of the training course were developed by company APPLICATIO Training & Management (Germany) in cooperation with CEFE (Serbia).

On 3-4 September, the first training module for women leaders who want to develop themselves and their business was held. Kramatorsk Business Support Center based on the Donetsk CCI gathered initiative, beautiful, open and positive business ladies of Donetsk region.
During two days, the interactive training was aimed at individual self-expression and self-awareness of the participants - working in small groups, testing, workshopping, defining their styles as leaders and learning the technology of delegation. Furthermore, the participants had the opportunity to get professional answers to topical issues from coaches of international level.
Positive and comfortable atmosphere helped the participants to speak freely about their achievements and failures, and to prove once again that modern, stylish and strong women can do a lot!

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The next training module will be held on October 1-2, 2018.