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Experts:due to European standards, Ukrainian agricultural and food business will receive additional investments and enter the EU market

In order to ensure that the products of the Ukrainian producer could get to European and other attractive world markets, agricultural and food producers have to coordinate at the deepest levels the processes and parameters of products with European standards and requirements. Moreover, to normalize its economic situation and attract investments they have to consider them as objects of intellectual property (including brands and geographical indications) and intangible assets. On June 22, experts of the Analytical center of the Agrarian Union of Ukraine spoke about this during a debate with local authorities in Kramatorsk, organized with the assistance of the European Union and the international Fund "Revival" within the project "Public synergy".

Vice-President of the Donetsk Сhamber of Commerce and Industry Maxim Anufryiv welcomed participants of the debate. Leading expert of the Donetsk CCI Tamila Dmytrychenko marked the problematic issues that arise in the export of recycled livestock products nowadays. Natalia Lukyanova, head of “Siverska cheese factory”, noted the need to comply with general hygiene requirements, HACCP system requirements, ensuring traceability in the food production chain.

Experts of the project "Debates in the regions on the development of rural areas within the context of the Association Agreement (standards for products, phytosanitary welfare, implementation of innovations)" Tatyana Tymoshenko and Julia Slyva explained that the issues of technical regulation, phytosanitary welfare, intellectual property and rural development are interconnected. According to them, agricultural and food enterprises should coordinate their technological processes with the requirements of international standards, the provisions of eurodirectives and the current domestic legislation in order to move confidently to European and other attractive markets.

Without the recognition of the internal documentation of the enterprise as objects of intellectual property rights, the case of national economic development and European integration will not move. Moreover, public authorities and local self-government have to help the Ukrainian producer to take a worthy place, directing social processes in the direction outlined by the Association Agreement, and thereby ensuring sustainable development of rural areas in accordance with European policies and practices.

Reference information: the Debate was held under the auspices of The Ukrainian side of the Ukraine-EU civil society Platform. The project "Debates in the regions on the development of rural areas within the context of the Association Agreement (standards for products, phytosanitary welfare, and implementation of innovations)" which implements the NGO "Analytical center of the Agricultural Union" contributes to the implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU, namely, the provisions of Chapter 3 " Technical barriers in trade", Chapter 4 " Sanitary and phytosanitary measures”,Chapter 9 "Intellectual property" Section IV " Trade and trade-related issues" and Chapter 17 "Agriculture and rural development" of Section V "Economic and industrial cooperation".

Analytical note on the relationship between Section IV, Chapters 3, 4, 9 and Section V, Chapter 17,Notes on the content of Chapter 3 "Technical barriers in trade",Notes on the content of Chapter 4 "Sanitary and phytosanitary measures",Notes on the content of Chapter 9 "Intellectual property" and tasks for target audiences, including heads of agricultural enterprises, on its implementation can be found on the website of the Agricultural Union of Ukraine on the links provided.

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