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President of Donetsk CCI Elvira Sevostianenko took part in the European Parliament of Enterprises

President of Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry Elvira Sevostianenko, as a delegate from the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, took part in the European Parliament of Enterprises, which took place on June 11 in Sofia.

In the photo: President of Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry Elvira Sevostianenko and
General Secretary of the European Parliament Arnaldo Abruzzini

The European Parliament of Enterprises, launched in 2008 as a business forum under the auspices of Europeans, is held every two years and is a vivid example of business diplomacy in action. This year it was first held in Bulgaria, which ends its presidency in the EU Council. "Unity gives strength" - this is the main slogan of the presidency of Bulgaria. He also became the main leitmotif of the European Parliament of Enterprises.
"The future of Europe is people and the only digital market," said Elvira Sevostianenko. "The fourth technological era is no longer a chance for Europe, it's a reality today!" But at the same time, this is a challenge, as the issues of legal regulation of digital commerce, electronic payments and their security, and the protection of personal data become a matter of time.Human resources are also a key factor in the implementation and functioning of the digital market.

People are the capital, and as any capital, it must develop and grow. Now there is a gap between the need for skilled personnel and the offer. It's a challenge! Therefore, the next focus of EU policy will be the formation of training programs in accordance with market requirements - namely, the massive inclusion of the digital component and entrepreneurship as subjects of curriculum.Another trend that has been discussed by the European Parliament of Enterprises has become clusters as an instrument and an opportunity for small entrepreneurs to become competitive and enter the international markets. Small and medium entrepreneurship is a priority for the EU.

Therefore, Eurochambre prepared the Declaration of Entrepreneurs Rights as the main recommendations for inclusion in the EU law-making process, where entrepreneurship should take the center stage!Entrepreneurs are more than employers and taxpayers. They are teachers, coaches, creators; they are active members of local communities and the driving force for a competitive economy. Trade and entrepreneurship are freedom! This is what Eurochambre President Mr. Leitl emphasized. Entrepreneurship is an opportunity for a decent life and development.

That is why it is a priority. It is the private sector of the economy and civil society that must formulate development programs and policies. As a result, the European Parliament of Enterprises has declared that the global system of Chambers of Commerce and the Eurochambre, uniting the majority of Chambers of Commerce, has become an incredibly important role for the business interests promoter, which influences the formation of programs for economic and social development of the world. "